• Full interior design service. We can offer a full design solution for your interior. We can either work alongside you all the way or take full control of the project only troubling you with the final product!

  • Full project design service. From initial conception, we can liaise with architects, builders and planners to add an interior design element to your whole project. Designing the space and form of a building is essential to creating the perfect interior. 

  • Curtain and soft furnishing service. Want new curtains or a piece of furniture? We can advise on ideas and fabrics and then get our soft furnishing experts to produce the product for you. 

  • Personal shopping. Want to find a piece of furniture and just don't have the time to find it or can't seem to locate it? We can source furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, home decoration, art or antiques for you. 

  • Home staging. Do you have a property you need to sell and want to maximise its selling potential? We can help your property reach its full asking price by making its interior desirable to buyers. Often we end up saving you money!

  • Just need some guidance and advice on how to create the perfect interior? We can help steer you in the direction you are looking for. Whilst helping you source new items to make your project complete we can also help you decide on how to make existing furniture work in a new scheme.

''For an interior to truly work it must be practical, personal and stylish'' - Katy M