Spring/Summer Trends

Modern interior design trends for 2015 will include a wonderful and harmonious blend of traditional styles and material with new ideas and products. Rich room colours will continue from 2014 from blues of all shades to the bright colours of fuschia and shocking pink.

Modern interior design trends in 2015 celebrate personality, serenity and versatility.  


Why not try....

​​Why not try a palette of warmer colours.such as rust, olive, dusky mint and aubergine. Think about adding a splash of colour to keep things modern and fun!

Katy M Interiors - Design & Lifestyle

At Katy M Interiors we truly believe that design is only great if it positively affects lifestyle. An interior should be individual and personal as well as being practical for everyday living or working.

We strive to create interiors that meet clients requirements in every way, be it to maximise a property's value or to enhance a lifestyle. A stylish interior really can make a difference in so many ways.

Having worked for property developers for many years Kate has the insight to understand not only the creative side of a home but also the practical sides involved. 


''For an interior to truly work it must be practical, personal & stylish''- Katy M